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ABOUT US Schiefer Woodworking was formed in 2002 after Tim Schiefer had spent 10 years refining his skills as a master craftsmen in building, renovation, and cabinet-making. What started out as one man and a  couple toolboxes has turned into one of the Boston-area’s finest collection of craftsmen.

That is the difference with Schiefer Woodworking. The company goes far beyond Tim and his abilities - our people make up the heart and the soul of the company. Schiefer Woodworking is a collection of artists and craftsmen. Many of whom are originally from the area and continue to live with their families near Boston proper. Our team is, collectively, one of the most capable in the area. Each craftsmen brings a unique background and set of skills to the company. Those unique individual backgrounds in building and woodwork allow the company as a whole to accomplish challenging projects - whether it’s a historical renovation or a new, modern home.

When we put our tools down for the weekend, we are a collection of musicians, skiers & snowboarders, guitar-makers, cyclists, amateur chefs, surfers, beer & wine aficionados, scooter freaks, climbers….the list could go on. The team at Schiefer Woodworking would love the opportunity to bring these unique abilities and passions for craft to your project.

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